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Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction Company

OneStop Remodeling provides commercial construction services for property owners throughout greater Boston and Eastern Massachusetts.

At OneStop Remodeling, our commercial construction services attend to the needs of our diverse clientele. Our team directs all attention to your commercial construction project to make sure that it fits your long-term business goals and your overall needs. We are a dedicated and reliable construction team that has the experience to provide commercial construction for small or large projects.

Our team guarantees excellence, safety, value, and integrity – this is the OneStop Remodeling way. We can put our experience to work for you.

Our Service

Our commercial construction services focus on facility maintenance and tenant improvement. OneStop Remodeling specializes in remodeling all kinds of commercial spaces while respecting the facility and people occupying it.

Our commercial construction services features:

  • Commercial build outs
  • Bank branch renovations
  • Occupied office renovations
  • Large office renovations
  • Corporate custom projects
  • Break room and bathroom renovations
  • Warehouse remodeling and renovations
  • Tenant improvement
  • Retail space construction

Our Work

Sound planning is the basis of a successful project. We conduct pre-construction management to cover all areas before construction begins. Our pre-construction management team works round the clock during the design phase to avoid cost overruns and claims.

Our team does the following:

  • Manages your budget, material selection, and schedules.
  • Before the actual construction starts, our team conducts a thorough check on the conditions of existing surfaces.
  • Reviews the drawing and makes a cost comparison for alternative construction methods and materials.

General Construction

Our team handles every construction project from the beginning to the end. We have all the equipment, trades, and professionals at our disposal. This includes architects, engineers, Title V inspectors, plumbers, electricians, masonry, carpenters, tile installers, painters, flooring and carpeting staff.

We are The Best Commercial Construction Service Provider

We are proud to have built, renovated and remodeled some grand commercial buildings. We have created dynamic workplaces and apartment spaces that will last decades. This is all down to the transparent and honest service that keeps the client informed.

We have structured our processes to work with the client’s vision and turn their commercial dreams into reality. We use our vast experience and common-sense approach to surpass the expectations of our clients.

Make the best decision of hiring OneStop Remodeling for all your commercial construction projects.

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